Get What You Want with Holiday Wish Lists from Anchor and Compass
Holiday shopping has never been easier. Come on down to Anchor & Compass in Deep River any time now thru Christmas Eve and fill out your own personal Holiday Wish List. We'll keep it on file and share it with whomever comes in to shop for you...or him.
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Holiday Wish Lists - Anchor and Compass, Deep River, CT

Get What You Want This Year

Men – It’s time to take Christmas morning back from the kids. Announcing our Christmas Wish List!  A sure-fired way of making sure that what’s under the tree will be totally awesome and rekindle that giddy feeling you had as a kid. Trust us – make it easy on your family this year by taking the guess work out of shopping and visit our store to complete your Wish List today! (as opposed to two days before Christmas) Warning:  Anchor & Compass does not endorse pushing children out of your way to get to the tree on Christmas morning.

And as an added bonus…we always gift wrap everything for free!


Click the link below to download a printable version of our A&C Holiday Wish List



We also have Holiday Wish Lists for our sister store, Compass Rose in Chester. Click the link below to download.





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